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I Dream of Jeannie Online
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Check in often, I have updates!!!!

August 4
1) Update the whole Website, got new look!!!!
2) Added some of the Wallpapers but not all of them, don't have them all uploaded.
3) Added some of the pictures but not all of them, got tired!!!
4) Added a section called my top ten favorite episode, and its has my favorite episode.
5) Put up the my fanlistings, Please join them!!!
6) Added the links, but I don't have them all of yet, but if your link isn't over there and like it to be, just tell me.
7) Added Larry Hagman's Cast Profile and Biography
8) Added a comment page, tell me what you think!!!
9) Added the fanfiction pages but not the fanfiction yet, give me a day, its like 1:23 am in the morning here!!!
10) Added a section called my favorite quotes, these are some of my favorite quotes from everyday life.
11) Added the Trivia and Quotes section!!!
12) Added the guestbook, please tell me what you think!!
13) Added the new banner that Dan James made for me, if you want one, you can go over to the Dallas Forum, then Soap Forum and the Web and Graphic Forum and should be a discussion already there and just request one!!! I have three but the other two are Dallas ones but he a IDOJ fan too and he did an excellent job on them!!!
14) Added the I Dream of Jeannie online Forum!!!!

August 10
1) Added the rest of the wallpaper.
2) Added two new section called Barbara Eden's and Larry Hagman's Pictures, these are pictures, actually 8 1/2 x 11 posters that I had to pay money for, two to five dollars for, I'm crazy so I brought alot with my money, my hard earn money, that means I went out and work for it, I would kindly appreciate if you asked before using them, I don't mind really but I like to know first and which ones you are using.
3) Added the rest of the other pictures.
4) Added Barbara Eden & Bill Daily's Biographies and Profiles.
5) Added Barbara Eden & Bill Daily's Birthday Tribute.
September 05
1) Added a member to Bill Daily's Fanlisting
2) Added a member to Eternally Yours, Jeannie's Fanlisting.
3) Added Larry Hagman's Birthday Tribute.
October 10
1) The Website has a new look.
2) New Banner on front page...that I made.
3) Added a picture under Barbara's Section.
4) Redone the picture section...done in a grid pattern now.
5) Redone my link section...added more and told a little about each of them.
6) Added my little section called About the Creator...all about me!!!
7) Added the Fanlisting I should have along time ago...don't have them all up but planning on working on them soon.

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