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Co-written By: JeannieFan4ever/Nikie & Stephaine Nelson

A woman was sitting at her vanity table brushing her curly brown hair.
She sighed and put her brush down as her husband called her from the other room. She walked into the living room where he was reading the morning newspaper.
“What is it Grover?”
“Can you get me some coffee darling?”
“Of course.” She said disgusted that her husband called her for that.
When she entered the kitchen, Melissa noticed there was no coffee made. Banging the coffee can on the counter she made some. Looking around, she made a mental note of what she had to do that day.
The dishes.
Cook dinner.
Wash the windows.
The list could go on and on.
Picking up a coffee cup, she filled it and took it to Grover.
“Here’s your coffee darling.”
“I’m sorry Melissa, I don’t have time. See you tonight.”
“Are you going to be home for dinner?”
“Probably. Just cook something, I’ll eat it when I get home.” He said and kissed Melissa goodbye.
She smiled weakly at him and turned her attention to cleaning the table. Picking up the paper, a section fell to the ground. Sighing heavily she picked it up. She did a double take and looked at the picture of a man. She smiled and went into the kitchen to write her husband a letter. She skimmed the article and caught pieces of the man’s last mission to outer space.
After finishing the letter she read it to herself.
Dear Grover,
I’m going to Cocoa Beach for a few days to talk to Mrs. Bellows.
I may visit some other people while I am there. No need to worry
Darling, I will be home in a few days. I love you.
P.S. I will call from the Bellows’ or the base.
Your loving wife,
She smiled and approved of the letter. Looking back at the newspaper article and the picture of the man, she smiled. She wasn’t truly going to Cocoa Beach to see Mrs. Bellows, but to visit her ex-fiancÚ Tony Nelson. Grabbing her purse and a suitcase from the closet she left the house.
Hundreds of miles away in Cocoa Beach Florida Tony Nelson and his wife Jeannie were sleeping peacefully, neither of them knowing that the next few months they would be living through hell.
At 6:13 Jeannie woke up and had a feeling of uneasiness. Looking next to her, she watched her husband sleep. After a few moments of silence Jeannie cuddled closer to Tony and felt him place a kiss on her bare shoulder. She smiled and fell asleep. Nothing could ruin her life.
Or so she thought………

Copyright 2004 By: JeannieFan4ever/Nikie & Stephaine Nelson