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I Dream of Jeannie Online
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All About The Creator

This section is to tell you about myself and why I did this website...


Of course most of you know who I am...but if you just came across my website. My name is Nikie or alot of ya'll know me by JeannieFan4ever. I'm the creator and owner of I Dream of Jeannie Online. Let me tell ya'll somethings about myself. Well, you know my name is Nikie. I was born September 25, 1988, so I just turn 16. I'm the youngest out of three children...I have an older brother, Brent and sister, Amy. My brother is 17 and my sister is 28. I'm a honor student...I'm part of Spanish and History Clubs. I'm part of the National Honor Society. I have my own car...a 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier...which I have over a month. I'm currently in the middle of job searching. I live in Arkansas. My best friend is name Morgan and I love her to if you read this're my bestest friend!!!! I did this website because I love IDOJ....been watching it since I was like five I think...I was a big Dallas Fan at three but I always was in love with Larry Hagman who played Major Nelson and love the movies he was in. I thought he was so gorgeous as JR Ewing and when I saw him as Major Nelson...I went crazy over him. I love Barbara and Larry's chemistry with Bill's groofiness and I love Emmaline and Hayden classic lines...."He's done it to me again" and "I knew it. I knew." They make me laugh everytime. I love the friends I made that loves IDOJ just as much as I do. April, Donna, Susan, Maggie, Ameera, Leigh Ann, Cathy, Jennifer, Stephaine, Marian, Eddie, Carpet, Carol, and Kimmy. All the others I left out. I love the nights where Donna, April, Marian, Susan, Maggie and myself would talk on the chat room every Sunday Nights. I miss those but understand that we all have things to do. So, I hope you enjoy my website and besure to come again!!!
Best Wishes Always

Things to know about me!!!
My favorite TV shows are: Dallas, IDOJ, Bewitched, Happy Days, and The Brady Bunch.
My favorite movies are: Grease, Gone with the Wind, Legally Blonde, Primary Colors, and Saturday Night Fever.
My favorite color is: Pink ***Always***
My favorite food is: Anything Mexican...mostly Mexican Chicken.
My favorite Soft Drink: Dr. Pepper.

My favorite Singer: Reba McEntire
My favorite Dallas Character & Couple: Character--SueEllen Couple--JR & SueEllen.
My favorite IDOJ Character and Couple: Character--Tony Couple--The Bellows.
My Best Friend's Name: Morgan
My favorite Disney Movies: Snow White and Pocahontas.
My Car's color: Red
My favorite Dallas Buddy's: SueEllenE_1967, DMS22473, JRBrewing, Mitzie, DallasFan8304, Virty, Jane, and Sarah.

Most popular fanlisting: JR & Sue Ellen Ewing
Most favorite fanlisting *not mine*: The Wedding Episode from IDOJ.
How many times I've got stop by a cop: twice..never a ticket though.

My favorite person to talk to about IDOJ: April
My favorite people to talk to about Dallas: SueEllenE_1967 and Jane.

Copyright 2004 By: JeannieFan4ever/Nikie