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I Dream of Jeannie Online
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I Dream of Jeannie Online's Links

Here are some of my favorite IDOJ sites and some of my other favorite sites.

1) Dallas Online Forever - This is one of my other sites. This is my about one of my favorite shows>>>DALLAS!!!! I have pictures, biographies, fanlisting, fanfiction, links, quotes, trivia, wallpapers, forum, guestbook, and articles about the cast. 
2) JR and Sue Ellen Ewing Online - This in my other website and this a tribute to my favorite couple on Dallas>>> JR & SUE ELLEN EWING!!!! These two have been my favorite couple for a long time. I have fanfiction over there wrote by talented writers, quotes, trivia about Linda and Larry, fanlisting, links, guestbook, forum, and pictures of Linda, Larry, and both of JR and Sue Ellen.
3) Jeannie's Blinking Magic - This is my friend April's site. Its full of excitement by her stories and the other talented writers' stories she hosts. She has fanlisting, pictures, and I love her messages she writes on her front page. Blink over there and check it out!!!
4) I Dream of Jeannie: The Webpage - This is Carpet's IDOJ website...its alot of fun. She has pictures, screen captures, articles, fanfiction, games, and you can find out the lastest IDOJ thing going on. Its the best IDOJ website on the web.
5) Mike's IDOJ Website - Mike has put together a wonderful IDOJ site...full of excitement and fun. He did a wonderful job as making it look like IDOJ and Its a great website...he has pictures, captures, games, trivia, polls and a lot of other things.
6) Jeannie's Sisters- The Jeannie's Sisters has put together a IDOJ website for Donna's stories that are PG-13. She has her other stories too. Its a great website and a worth giving a good look at. Donna and the others had put their personal experience at meeting the IDOJ Cast and its exciting. Check it out!!!
7) Ultimate Dallas - This is the Official Dallas Website and the best on the web!!! The forum over there is awesome!!! It has videos, pictures, guides, games, the background on the show, interviews and a lot more. I really suggest checking it out.
8) Dallas Captures - This is my friend Christo website...which I love to death!!! He has captures of the ladies of Dallas....Linda, Victoria, Priscilla, Charlene, Morgan, Sheree, and alot of captures of couples, full episodes, alot more.
9) Deborah Shelton Official Website - This is Deborah Shelton Official Website...she played JR's mistress Mandy on friend Christo and Erik has done an excellent job with this site. Pictures, captures, videos, forum, guestbook and interview with Debbie. A lot more!!
10) Fanfiction.Net - This is a great website for fanfiction. I have four of my stories post over there. There is alot of fanfiction you can choose from and alot of great fun.
11) Larry Hagman's Official Website - This is Larry's Official can find out what's up with him and what he's planning to do next. He has pictures. You can get the address to write him for an autograph and lot more.
12) Part of my World - This is Leigh Ann's Website. I really like how she did the graphics and her website is full of fun. Most about her. Including the fanlisting she has join. Favorite links, and a lot more.
13) Reba McEntire Official Website - This is my favorite singer in the world official website. I love it so much. She is awesome. I have all of CDs...including her new one which I love to death especially He Gets That From You...which I think describes John Ross and JR relationship from Sue Ellen's point of view. She got her tour schedule and a forum which I love going too. Check it out!!

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