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I Dream of Jeannie Online


Welcome to I Dream of Jeannie Online. Sorry for the long update...but I'm currently in the middle of moving this site to another place because I have redone it myself with graphics on my own. I just want to tell you that I'm still here and I haven't forgot this wonderful show or site. I'm in the middle of redoing the fanlistings as well. I link the ones I have done below. But, I will have the site back up before the end of next month for sure and more more wallpapers, AIM and MSN buddy icons, Avatars for forums...more quotes and trivia. And More PICTURES, I did a lot of scanning of pictures over the past few months! So, just be patience and I will talk to you all soon!

Best Wishes Forever
Creator of I Dream of Jeannie Online

Last Update: June 26, 2005


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Just ever want to talk to me, I have MSN, Yahoo, and AOL Messager and just give me a yell sometime!!!!



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Copyright 2004 By: JeannieFan4ever/Nikie. The pictures are copyright too so don't take them because they aren't mine, well some of them are but I had to ask permission from my friends and I would kindly appreciate if you did too. So, just give me a hollar!!!